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Category:Machine learning

Machine learning (ML) is a field devoted to understanding and building methods that let machines "learn" -- that is, methods that leverage data to improve computer performance on some set of tasks.


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Machine Learning: The Basics

Introduction to machine learning

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  • Exercises61
Created 2023-06-09

Lecture notes on ridge regression

Collection of many well-known results on ridge regression.

  • Pages11
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  • Exercises65
Created 2023-06-22

Neural Network Architectures

Lecture notes on theoretical aspects of deep learning copied from "Neural Network Architectures" (arXiv:2304.05133) by Evelyn Herberg

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Created 2023-06-27

Introduction to Machine Learning for the Sciences

Introductory machine learning course specifically developed with STEM students in mind

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Created 2024-05-17

A Brief Introduction to Causal Inference in Machine Learning

Introducing students to expand their view and knowledge of machine learning to incorporate causal reasoning

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Created 2024-05-19